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The group was founded by Mr. Haji Ahmed Said who had a vision of how he wanted to expand his company, setting himself personal goals by continuing to push boundaries to ensure maximum growth. Rania Group consists of a diverse, stable and experienced Local Executive Management Committee therefore enabling us to be innovative and continue finding fresh and exciting ideas for the group. The drive for success has continued with Mr. Jalal Haji Ahmed who has taken the group to the next level.

We are and always will be fully committed to offering our clients exceptional standards of customer service and after sales support
Having established offices across Iraq ,UAE and Germany. Thee company is currently having geographical operations across Fujairah UAE, Kurdistan Iraq and Singapore.

What we do

Commodities are not always produced close to where there is demand, this is how our group of companies work together to connect production and delivery. Physical traders act as distributors in order to supply their clients and move various products around the world. Most of the world's oil is produced in the Middle East, with a strong demand held in Asia Pacific & Europe.

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The balance between supply and demand in energy and commodity products can be affected by various factors. In the longer term, demand trends are driven by economic conditions, technological advances, logistics restrictions or changes in government policy. We are able to provide end to end solutions ensuring we maintain the commitments to our customers.


At Rania Group, sustainability is not just a commitment; it’s our guiding principle. We recognize the profound impact that businesses can have on the environment and society, and we are dedicated to being a force for positive change. From the top-down, our organizational culture embraces ethical practices, responsible resource management, and a relentless pursuit of reducing our carbon footprint. Whether it’s through energy-efficient office initiatives, investments in eco-friendly technologies, or maintaining the highest international safety standards, we prioritize sustainability in every facet of our operations.
Rania group commitment to sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility

The company prioritizes a comprehensive corporate responsibility approach, rooted in its values and aiming for a continual impact within the organization. Guided by established principles, they focus on sustainable practices, including reducing their internal carbon footprint and maintaining high safety standards. The company is proud of its global partnerships, and with a commitment to collaborative efforts, it looks to continue achieving long-term solutions.

Our Vision

We envision a future where our company is a beacon of responsible business practices, setting the standard for sustainability and corporate responsibility. Our vision is to be a global leader that thrives on enduring partnerships, ethical conduct, and a commitment to environmental stewardship. By continuously innovating and collaborating with stakeholders, we strive to build a legacy of positive influence, leaving a lasting imprint on the communities we touch.

Our Mission

Empowered by our core values, we are dedicated to fostering a sustainable and responsible corporate ecosystem. Our mission is to create a positive and lasting impact within our organization and beyond. Through ethical practices, efficient resource management, and a commitment to reducing our environmental footprint, we aim to contribute to a better world for our employees, partners, and communities.

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)




Vacuum Residue (VR)

Heavy Fuel oil

Fuel oil

Crude oil

Concrete Blocks

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